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Who may join the impact club?

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An exclusive Association dedicated to Impact Entrepreneurs


The Impact Club is an exclusive Association dedicated to Impact Entrepreneurs. To entrepreneurial minds that dedicate their time, energy and business acumen to solving the most pressing issues our societies and our planet are facing. 


We are the Club for people who are role models for the world as they use innovative technology, smart business models and their team’s expertise for the greater good. As they balance profit and impact and know that success is more than just making money. As they complement the efforts of many NGOs, government initiatives and volunteer actions to sustainably tackle the Sustainable Development Goals – for the benefit of all of us. 


The Impact Club is there to gather Impact Entrepreneurs globally. A community of change makers – with a business mind to ensure sustainability and scale of impact, independent from grants. 


We believe in the positive force of business, when lead by an impact conscious, responsible mind. It is those entrepreneurs that we welcome to join our Impact Club as Core Members.


Everyone doing great work needs support. A Team. Advisors. Investors. The backing of the government and society.


Hence we welcome Impact Partners to The Impact Club. Those who can facilitate our Core Members to achieve even more – through their time, expertise, money or connections. 

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