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Types of Impact Ventures, Criteria & Definitions

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Types of Impact Ventures, Criteria & Definitions


Within the impact investing industry, a passionate and interesting debate is going on with regards to “what is an impact venture, and what is not”. 


As there is no globally accepted standard yet, we have elaborated our own criteria and definitions based on which we decide membership requests. 



The following criteria are prerequisits to become Core Member of The Impact Club: 

1. Intentionality

The “reason of being” of your business is to achieve a positive impact for the society and/or the environment within the framework of the SDGs. 

This is reflected in your Memorandum of Articles, as well as in your business strategy and decisions. 


2. Tackling the SDGs

Your business is contributing to one or ideally more of the SDGs.

3 Sustainable Business-Model

Your business is planned to be or already is profitable or at a minimum self-sustaining.

4. Responsible, fair and balanced leadership and management

You don’t only have a positive impact on the society and environment, but your daily operations and business behaviour also reflects your sustainability & impact attitude. *

5. Impact Reporting

You regularly plan or already do your impact reporting. 

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